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Weddings are increasing in popularity in New Zealand and many of the best wedding venues are in Auckland. 

Auckland is home to the thriving wedding industry and couples living in the area are very fortunate because everything you need to create your big day is within easy reach from anywhere in the city. 

Here are some of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding in Auckland.

Prep Time

The kind of wedding you can have partly depends on how much time you have. For example, large, elaborate affairs need 6 months to a year of careful planning. 

Casual affairs can be prepared in a matter of weeks, especially if the couple is not specific about details. Knowing how much time you have can help you create a solid action plan for preparation and avoid unrealistic expectations on what you can or cannot achieve with the time you have. 

Having a solid plan can also help couples avoid going over budget when booking your wedding venue and wedding catering etc. 

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is often the first thing that couples look at after they get engaged. This is not surprising, since the wedding venue is a major factor when it comes to weddings. 

The right venue serves as the backdrop for the entire occasion and carries the mood or the vibe that the couple wants to achieve in their wedding. Outdoor weddings, for example, are more carefree and casual, perfect for couples who are easygoing. 

On the other hand indoor weddings in ballrooms or large halls can be very traditional and formal. An indoor wedding is a safe bet during the rainy/winter months since couples won’t have to worry the weather ruining their big day.


The photographer is the one responsible for capturing the highlights of the ceremony so he definitely must be chosen with care. 

There are numerous expert wedding photographers in Auckland but the key to choosing the right photographer is to look at their style and see if it fits your personal style and the theme you want for your wedding. 


Music sets the mood for any occasion and it plays an important part in both the ceremony and reception. Couples often need to choose from a number of options such as live bands, recorded music, a quartet or an instrumental ensemble to provide the auditory backdrop for their big day.


Auckland weddings are often catered affairs provided by top-notch catering services. For couples looking for companies that offer buffet catering Auckland is home to catering companies that specialise in providing great meals tailored to the requirements of the couple and their guests. 

From vegetarian meals for a small, intimate wedding to buffet catering for a large, indoor ceremony, couples can find a wedding catering company in Auckland that can provide them great food customised for their big day!

Lets Eat Catering provide buffet catering for weddings, and other events, in Auckland. Visit their website for sample menus and a free quote for your wedding catering in Auckland.

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